Meet our people.




Award-winning Winemaker and Sommelier, Jeff Hundertmark’s passion is to craft site specific wines that taste of the land on which they grow. Jeff has recently moved from the Niagara Peninsula where he was Head Winemaker for Marynissen Estate and later Stoney Ridge Estate, Tragically Hip Wines, and his own brand 100Marks.

The wine making philosophy behind each bottle is something he takes very seriously. Jeff believes there is a place for wines to be cherished for years; as big age-worthy collectables, but also as important, there is a place for fresh wines ready for early consumption. With this philosophy in mind, he guides the two tiers of the Rust project.

The next phase of the British Columbia wine industry is upon us and Jeff is very excited for the vision of Rust Wine Co. and the vineyards we are privileged to farm.


Kane Morgan was instrumental in the building of Rust Wine Co. in all of its various facets including design of the labels, winery, and overall philosophy.

Kane has also created his own personal wine brand – Prima Volta. Look for this wine on Rust’s shelves in the near future.

Kane’s goal for guests to the winery is simple –professional service, consummate hospitality, and no pretention. He and his team pride themselves on providing some of the best service and personality in the British Columbia wine industry.

If you can’t come to Rust, then let the Rust Wine Co. come to you.