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Golden Mile Bench Vineyard - Rust Wine Co.


Golden Mile Bench - Okanagan Valley

South Rock Vineyard Map

Our home site is a magical 12 acre block that is the most southern vineyard on the golden mile bench. Rocky soils and a gentle east facing slope produces balanced, mineral laden reds, and a rich, unctuous Gewürztraminer. We are in the process of replanting some of the vineyard to Cabernet Sauvignon and Franc. The golden mile bench become BC’s first official sub appellation in 2016 and is home to some of the provinces most premium minded wine growers.

Gewurztraminer (1973)
Merlot (1993)
Zinfandel (2000)
Cabernet Sauvignon (2017

Okanagan Falls Vineyard  - Rust Wine Co.


Okanagan Falls - Okanagan Valley

Lost Horn Vineyard Map

25% of this site is being replanted to Pinot Noir, Syrah and Cabernet Franc. It is also the home to our nursery where we raise our vines before planting. Okanagan falls is one of the most unique sites in British Columbia. Over tens of thousands of years a series of glaciers carved a great valley and left behind mounds of rocky soils. These along with long warm days and cool nights create wines with great acidity and mineral notes.

Merlot (1990)
Chardonnay (1990/1997)
Cabernet Franc (1997/2017)
Syrah (2017) 

Lazy River Vineyard - Similkameen Valley


South Cawston - Similkameen Valley

Lazy River Vineyard Map

The Similkameen valley is an amazing place to grow a diversity of varieties. Wind-blown soils, alluvial fans and coarse rocky material have eroded from the surrounding mountains lending a unique soil structure far different than that of the Okanagan Valley. Soils are derived from limestone, schist or granite which gives a desirable mineral sensation to the wine. Lazy River is home to an array of varietals and gets its name from the winding river that makes viticulture here possible.

Riesling (1995)
Pinot Gris (1995)
Gamay (2002)
Syrah (1999)
Merlot (1995)

Summer Breeze Vineyard - Okanagan Valley


West Osoyoos – Okanagan Valley

Summer Breeze Vineyard - East Osoyoos

Summer Breeze Vineyard enjoys an east facing slope towards Osoyoos Lake – Canada’s warmest growing area. This arid 17 acre plot has been farmed organically since it was planted in 2007. It enjoys long, warm days and cooler afternoons thanks to the reliable wind that comes up daily. The soils are mix of sand, clay, and gravel and have excellent drainage. The big reds thrive in this desert heat. Merlot and Syrah from our reserve series will feature this amazing block

Syrah (2007)
Merlot (2007)
Cabernet Franc (2007) 

Ferreira Vineyard - Okanagan Valley


Black Sage Bench – Okanagan Valley

Ferreira Vineyard - Black Sage Bench

The Black Sage Bench is the most awarded viticultural area in Canada. Here in the South East part of the valley vines get more light than any other region in North America. This west facing block bathes in it and we pick up to 2 weeks earlier than on the West side of the valley. The soils here are sandy loam from glacial deposits 10,000 years ago. Known as "The Beach" the sands here can be as much as 300 metres deep.

Syrah (2000)